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Enterprise Output Management

Output Management is a method of controlling the appearance, destination and timing of data output from any legacy or computer system across the entire organization.

Manage documents with an Enterprise Output Management System

enterprise output management flow software

Increasingly, organizations are appreciating the benefits of giving Enterprise Output Management Software the strategic recognition it deserves. An enterprise-wide output system is one of the core elements of document management and a successful solution should encompass the management of electronic forms resources, their distribution and output.

By adopting the right system together with an appropriate strategy, companies can control their distributed printing, increase efficiency, reduce costs and gain competitive edge.

Implementing an Output Management / ERP system

Putting Document Output Management at the forefront of an ERP implementation

When the ERP system 'goes live', the task of extracting data and outputting it into a meaningful format is, for most organizations, just the beginning. It is at this crucial point that many organizations first learn that the ERP system is only as good as the reports and documents that emanate from it.

By its definition, Output Management is a method of controlling the appearance, destination, and timing of data output from any computer system. Utilizing a Document Output Management strategic process will correctly address and meet the varying needs of the different end-users within the organization.

By focusing on Document Output and delivery from the start of the ERP implementation process, the issues of identifying the most appropriate information and design content, as well as delivery method, can be addressed at the initial stages of the process.

Document Output Management Strategy

An effective Document Output Management Strategy not only addresses the needs of the user community, but notably reduces the overall cost of implementation and significantly shrinks support requirements - overall improving the return on investment for the ERP system itself.

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