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Cost per Page Solutions

A New concept for managing your printers!

What will Cost Per Page do for your business?

It will save your business time and money and allow you to have a hard copy cost for each impression. Reduce emergency service calls, eliminate purchase orders for supplies and reduce inventory costs to zero. All this, and an upgrade to the latest technology with almost any manufacturers equipment!

Emergency Service Calls:

Included in the Cost Per Page Program is preventive maintenance. This service reduces breakdown frequency and reduces the need for emergency calls. This service includes toner, parts, labour, ozone filters, and maintenance kits as required.

Eliminate Purchase Orders and Inventory:

No need to keep expensive inventory or produce purchase orders. Printers Plus provides unlimited toner. Every three months Printers Plus will take the meter readings from each printers and at that time leave sufficient toner. This will save you money in inventory costs.

Easy Equipment Upgrades:

Refresh your technology. New machines can be added under this agreement for a fraction of a cent per impression at any time, with no capital outlay. Printers Plus will supply the printer, deliver and install, and maintain it as above.

Simplified Billing:

Detailed billing can be provided showing volume usage by department, machine or customized to meet your needs on a monthly or quarterly basis. Consistent billing makes budgeting easier and also enables you to issue one purchase order and print one cheque to cover all your printing costs.

How it Works:

  • bullet Printers Plus works with you to evaluate existing equipment and print volume.
  • bullet Equipment upgrades are proposed to reduce costs.
  • bullet Printers Plus delivers and installs any new equipment.
  • bullet Printers Plus delivers sufficient toner for your anticipated print volume.
  • bullet you receive a monthly or quarterly invoice based on printing volumes.

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