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Choosing a Printer

Choosing the best printer for your needs can be a confusing experience. There are many factors that should influence your choice. Let our experience guide you towards the best printing solution.

Define the Specifications

  • What are you printing on? The choice of Media (i.e. plain paper, glossy paper, labels, cardstock, multipart forms, envelopes, tags, cards, fabric, vinyl, etc.) can determine the type of printer you need.

  • How Fast do you need to print and how Much will you print? High Speed and High Volume capabilities are usually companions.

  • How Durable must the print be? Do you need Heat, Cold, Water, Chemical, or UV resistant print?

  • Who or What is the print for?
    • Simple business documents?
    • Complex forms?
    • Marketing or Promotional material?
    • Graphics or Pictures?
    • Machine readable? (for Barcode Scanners, RFID)

Simple documents can be Black & White, but Colour should be used make complex documents easier to read, make Marketing and Promotional material more effective, and Colour is usually desired for Graphics and Pictures.

The Cost Factor


A cost comparison of printers should not be based on the purchase price alone. The total cost, over the lifetime of the printer or copier, has many components.

  • The lifetime cost of Supplies - Toner & Maintenance Kits, etc. - will be far more than the purchase price, for even a medium volume printer.

  • Repair and Service costs can be significant. Consider the length of the printer's warranty, extended warranty options, and the various types of service contracts available.

  • There are many hidden and/or intangible costs that come with owning a printer:
    • Energy costs - will the printer conserve power when not in use?
    • Reliability - would your business be severly affected by printer downtime?
    • Ease of use - simple, clear, easy to understand user interfaces will save time.
    • Environmental issues - how much waste is generated by the printer?

Leasing, Extended Warranties, Service contracts, CPP plans, and Managed Print Services are all available from Printers Plus for controlling printer and copier costs.

  • With 25 years of experience, Printers Plus can recommend the most economical printing solution that will meet your needs.

  • Call us for a no charge review of your printing needs.

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